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We provide advice on what to expect and how to get the most out of your sessions. Many folks feel a meaningful change after just 4-6 sessions.


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Three simple steps to start feeling your best again

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Fill out a simple online form about your needs and preferences. Don't worry about knowing exactly what to look for in a therapist. Just tell it like it is, and we'll take it from there.

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Step 2: Get your personalized matches

You'll see your therapist matches instantly, right after submitting the form. We use our knowledge of therapy to find you the right matches. We're provide advice if you aren't sure who to select.

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You can schedule a free phone consult with a therapist to get a sense of their personality and approach. You can even speak with multiple therapists if you'd like. On the call, you can book your first appointment to begin your therapy journey.


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Words From Our Clients

“It’s so hard and can be overwhelming to find a good therapist, especially if you’re looking for one for the first time or new to town. This service is very helpful!”
— Sophia client
I’m super excited about’s really helped me through a process that has always been unnecessarily complicated and stress-inducing. You all are providing a fantastic service.
— Sophia client
“You guys are awesome. It took me years of stress, anger, frustration etc to gain the courage to go see a doc, that’s just bonkers. I can truly say ya’ll have changed my life.”
— Sophia client
“People search kind of blindly for a therapist. Especially if they’ve never met with a therapist they may be more likely to just choose the first one they meet with...Sophia helps this thought process not only by matching with several therapists, but also by following up and prodding the patient to think about the fit and what they might like or dislike about the therapist, fit, etc.”
— Sophia client

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