Find a Therapist Now, Painlessly.


No knowledge required

You shouldn't need a Ph.D. in psychology to find a therapist. Tell us what you're experiencing, and we'll use our knowledge of therapy to find someone who can help. We have 150+ therapists in our Boston network!

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Skip the phone tag

Many of our clients have called dozens of therapists to no avail before coming to us. Sophia connects you with a therapist whose schedule matches yours, so you can get started right away.

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Find your right fit

The right therapist can make a world of difference. We deliver you personalized matches and a free consultation before you make an appointment, so you can get a sense of your new therapist's personality and style.


Four Simple Steps

Describe your mental health

Step 1: Tell us what you're looking for

First, you fill out a 5-minute, confidential form about your needs, preferences, and personality. We use this information to find you personalized matches from our network of 150+ licensed psychologists, social workers, and counselors in the Boston area.

Pick a Therapist

Step 2: Choose your ideal match

You receive these personalized therapist matches via email within a day of filling out the brief form. You choose who to move forward with - if you like them all, we're happy to provide advice.

Make a therapy appointment

Step 3: Meet your therapist

You speak with your chosen therapist via a free virtual consultation, so you can get a sense of their style and set up your first in-person appointment. You can even choose to speak with multiple therapists before deciding.

Give us feedback on therapy

Step 4: Tell us how it's going

Sophia follows up after your first appointment to see how it went, answer any questions, and provide moral support. You're not in this alone!

For more info, check out our FAQ.

Let Sophia handle the tedious, painful search process and get matched with a therapist now.

Words From Our Clients

“It’s so hard and can be overwhelming to find a good therapist, especially if you’re looking for one for the first time or new to town. This service is very helpful!”
— Sophia client
“Great experience and I’ve found a great fit very quickly. My experience was completely positive.”
— Sophia client
“...this process was super simple and helpful and valuable in terms of just finding somebody to speak with and schedule an appointment.”
— Sophia client
“People search kind of blindly for a therapist. Especially if they’ve never met with a therapist they may be more likely to just choose the first one they meet with...Sophia helps this thought process not only by matching with several therapists, but also by following up and prodding the patient to think about the fit and what they might like or dislike about the therapist, fit, etc.”
— Sophia client