David Dionisio

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Being Human is hard. I know. I've tried for decades with varying levels of success. However, the most significant thing I've discovered on my journey is the need for open and trusting relationships. Such relationships are the breeding ground for growth and development. However You are the only expert on being You. The only thing I am an expert on is helping supporting your process and path. I've had great experiences with people of any age who find themselves stuck and frustrated. Who feel they have veered off their path and are looking for deeper meaning and connection.

I strive to provide a warm environment to explore your story, context and meaning. My style is highly relational, meaning we will use what happens between us as a window into how you interact with the universe. I make consistent use of humor, art and music, film, spirituality, philosophy.

Or none of these depending on what you need. Ultimately I believe that "mental health issues" are calls to growth. If You are going through something hard I believe it can lead to something better down the road. Let's walk that road together for a while.









  • Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Spirituality / Existential
  • Substance Abuse


406 Massachusetts Avenue,
Arlington, MA 02474

317 Massachusetts Avenue,
Arlington, MA 02474

* David also can meet clients in the community at locations of their choice



  • Cost per session: $150
  • Reduced rate slots are available for clients with demonstrated need


  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)