Helping families find the right therapist


Complete a short form

Parents or physicians complete a short form explaining the behavioral health needs, personality and preferences of the patient.


Choose from curated profiles

Our team searches the Sophia network of carefully vetted professionals for a match that is ready to help. If we can't find a fit, we offer families the option of a custom search.


Connect with your therapist

Sophia follows up to ensure families connect with therapists, and collects feedback on the fit. Through regular follow-up, we ensure families get in the door for their first appointment and know they aren't alone. We also follow up with the pediatrician to confirm we were able to match the patient with a therapist.

If it sounds too good to be true, don’t worry, it isn’t. You can refer patients...who are looking for mental health providers and [they] will help link them up with someone. The charge falls to the mental health provider, not the patient. It seems like this would be so helpful to families, doesn’t it!
— Pediatrician, Cambridge MA

It's free for pediatricians to use Sophia.

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Client Testimonials

“It's so hard and can be overwhelming to find a good therapist, especially if you're looking for one for the first time or new to town.  This service is very helpful and I hope that others can benefit from this service as well!”
– Mother who sought a therapist for her 13-year old son due to recent life transitions


“People search kind of blindly for a therapist. Especially if they've never met with a therapist they may be more likely to just choose the first one they meet with, without evaluating fit or thinking about whether evaluating fit is even something to do while building a relationship with a new therapist. Sophia helps not only by matching with several therapists, but also by following up and prodding the patient to think about the fit and what they might like or dislike about the therapist, fit, etc.”

-          Sophia client who has completed 4 therapy sessions


“You guys did the leg work for me, making it seamless to meet with a therapist”

-          Sophia family that has completed 6 therapy sessions