Dr. Haley Mazzarella

Central Square therapist Haley Mazzarella

My desire and ability to help others resolve painful and difficult experiences in their lives is a fundamental part of who I am. My goal is for us to come together as partners to help you realize a way of life that is true to who you are. I consider it a special trust to listen, as an unbiased third party, and help you to process your thoughts, feelings, and experiences so that you can move forward.

What sets me apart as a therapist is my analytical thinking and ability to hold and manipulate the many layers of complexity involved in life’s challenges. I am a humanistic, relational psychotherapist; I believe in the equal partnership between myself and you, as we each have critical parts to play in the healing process. I have a psychodynamic orientation, so I believe that experiences and patterns of behavior in our past affect who we are now. I find that true change means understanding and adjusting these patterns. Overall, my orientation is a good match if you are looking for long-term, transformational change.

I have experience working with adolescents and adults across the age spectrum. I work with people from all cultural and religious backgrounds. I speak English and German. I work with those who identify as LGBTQQIA+. I am polyamory-aware with a sex-positive perspective on relationships. I work with mood disorders, depression, anxiety, eating disorders in recovery, and trauma and abuse.





  • Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Disordered eating
  • Gender or sexuality
  • Grief
  • Trauma


126 Prospect St.,
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139



  • Cost per session: $170
  • A reduced rate may be offered for clients with demonstrated need
  • Eligible for out-of-network benefits if you have a PPO plan from certain insurances


  • Clinical Psychologist
  • PsyD, William James College