How We Match

Our team is passionate about helping people find the right fit for therapy.

We take logistical, therapeutic style, demographics and personality factors into account when making a match.


  • Insurance

  • How far the family is willing to travel

  • Age of person seeking therapy


Preferences for provider's: 

  • Gender

  • Race / ethnicity

  • Religion / spirituality

  • Sexual orientation

  • Years of Experience

Needs &
Therapeutic Style

  • Presenting condition

  • Modalities employed by therapist

    • For example, we would prefer to match someone with symptoms of an OCD-spectrum disorder with a therapist who frequently uses exposure therapy
    • We would prefer to match someone experiencing signs of chronic stress due to the separation of their parents with a therapist familiar with the Internal Family Systems approach

Personality factors

  • Introversion v. Extroversion

  • Hobbies and interest (e.g., art, athletics, science)

  • Sense of humor

  • Receptiveness to mindfulness