Dr. Isabelle Eccles

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I value the opportunities for exploration, understanding, and growth that therapy can offer, and believe that providing a warm and positive environment is essential for that to occur. As a result, I strive to be empathic and warm, and to incorporate humor when possible, to make each client feel as comfortable as possible. Although therapy is an opportunity for addressing difficult emotions, experiences, and stresses, I also believe that it can be an uplifting part of the week, where people can share their triumphs as well as discuss their concerns.

I also have a great breadth of experience helping people understand what is negatively impacting their performance, academically, professionally, and socially. I particularly enjoy testing, including the interpretation of results and how the resulting information can be used to achieve a client’s desired results.

I work at Azimuth Psychological, a unique place where we see clients as a whole person, not just a diagnosis. Our clients work to gain perspectives and insights that help get them unstuck so they can reach their goals, whatever that may be. We make your process as easy as possible, whether that’s scheduling your appointment (have us call you!), completing your paperwork (all online), paying for your sessions (credit cards), locating ourselves next to a variety of public transportation options (T and Bus), and giving us feedback (anonymous electronic forms). Please don't hesitate to reach out — I am happy to answer an questions you may have.




  • Relationship Issues
  • Coping Skills
  • Life Transitions


Azimuth Psychological
875 Masschusetts Ave
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139



  • Cost per session:
    $250 for the first visit (intake and evaluation)
    $200 for ongoing sessions
  • A sliding scale may be offered for persons with demonstrated need


  • Licensed Psychologist
  • PsyD from William James College
  • MA from William James College
  • BA from Tufts University