Our Mission:
To make it easy to find quality support in a time of need

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Hi - I'm Eva, the founder of Sophia. 

I know from personal experience the life-changing difference a quality therapist can make. 

In December of 2015, I woke up, I yawned, and I instantly knew something was really wrong. Half of my face was frozen - I couldn't close my eye, raise my eyebrow, or close my mouth. The paralysis was caused by a disorder called Bell's Palsy, which is often linked to stress. I was nearing finals week of my first semester of graduate school, and suddenly, I had lost my ability to smile and relate to the world around me. Normally, Bell's Palsy lasts for a couple of weeks, but it was four months before I saw any change at all.

I made it through. This was thanks in large part to an excellent therapist who not only listened to me and supported me, but challenged my key assumptions and helped me restructure my thought processes to better handle anxiety and stress. It wasn't an easy process - there's no single 'ah ha' moment I can share - but I can honestly say I'm a much better - and happier - person now because of therapy.

Not everyone is so lucky. Finding a great therapist when you're going through a tough time is really hard.

You're in a funk, and spending extra energy hunting for a therapist is the last thing you want to do. You have to contact a lot of therapists and you often hear back from just a few. It's hard to know who to trust, and the cost of quality therapy is intimidating. Most people just end up going with the first person who calls them back and hoping for the best! And yet, the fit between you and your therapist is SO important -- a good relationship is a necessary first step to feeling better again. 

At Sophia, we believe it should be easy to find quality support in a time of need.

That's why we vet our therapists, provide you a shortlist of options who have helped many people just like you, support you in choosing your favorite and follow up to help you make the most of your sessions. If we don't get it right, we won't rest until we find you a great match. 

It's the type of service I wish I had when I was searching for help.  I sincerely hope that Sophia can be helpful to you or your loved ones. I would love to hear from you if you can think of ways to make the service even better. 


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