Sandra Madruga

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I approach individuals and families from a Cognitive Behavioral perspective and with the belief that change is possible. While recognizing that change can be painful, it can provide a tremendous amount of freedom when individuals are stuck and having trouble moving forward. People often seek treatment for depression, anxiety, substance abuse, trauma, or family problems, but most of the real work in therapy involves making a shift from old patterns of behavior that are no longer working. I strive to help individuals mindfully engage in this exciting process by helping shift self-defeating thoughts and expectations toward productive, positive growth.

In addition to helping individuals, couples, and families make productive shifts in thinking, I take a very hands-on approach to teaching skills such as assertiveness training, muscle relaxation training, deep breathing/mindfulness training, and social skills training while urging my clients to collaboratively involve significant others in their treatment.

I combine Buddhist mindfulness practice in therapy - focusing on the present and making changes in expectations/old behaviors. Further mindfulness work can be implemented including helping clients development a sense of community in life; enhancing practices of kindness/compassion/gratitude in everyday life; and learning various meditation practices as additional coping tools.




  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Family Conflict


20 Locust Street
Danvers, Massachusetts 01923



  • Cost per session: $100
  • A sliding scale may be offered for persons with demonstrated need


  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • MS in Clinical Psychology from Indiana State University